Elfi Voermans

In my work I strive for a universal imagery, searching between the boundaries of the aesthetics and  the macabre. 

I reveal themes as fear, decay, sexuality, religion, death and destruction, which play an important role in my research into ‘motherhood’. I feel an immense urge to preserve my findings. By placing myself (and my children) as subject, I translate my own experiences of society developments. Archetypes, historical figures and natural processes are leading/prominent for creating my own universe,  which I try to make a translation to the present-day. I remove objects from their original meaning, and view existing symbolisms from a different perspective. Therefore the line between the present and the past became increasingly vague. My works often consist of separate elements, different techniques and media that together form an installation. I would like to give the spectator the feeling that they are entering my personal space.





'Exaltation of the Holy Cross' [2020]

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'Borders of nature' [2019]

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'Haast u langzaam' [2019]

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'All that we've left behind [2019]

'Terms and conditions' [2019]

'This art fair' [2018]

'Hidden language' [2018] 

'Once in a blue moon' [2018]

'Surrounded by males' [2018]

'Make me a superhero' [2017]

'I've told you my secret' [2017]

'A holy cross' [2017]

'Relics of motherhood' [2017]

'The thread is called Donald' [2017]

'Sacrifice' [2017]

'Sanctimonious' [2016]

'Captured' [2015]

'Effloresence' [2017]

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